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In most countries the development of human resources has not kept pace with the challenges of urbanization. This has led to an increasing demand for specialized training for administrators, decision makers and planners. The aim of this training is to contribute towards the development of socially inclusive, sustainable, resilient cities both in the ‘Global North’ and the ‘Global South’.

In response to this demand the Technische Universität Berlin offers training programs on specific aspects of urban management for foreign and local experts. Two types of courses are offered: Both a Masters course in Urban management for graduates from various disciplines, which was initiated in 2005 and short tailor-made courses, which are offered on request.

The issues addressed are related to the most pressing problems of urban development word-wide, including environmental degradation, uncontrolled urban growth, insecure land tenure for the urban poor, inadequate decision making and planning systems, poor housing and working conditions, inadequate infrastructure, water and air pollution, waste and deteriorating historic areas. The program aims to provide insights into workable, practice-oriented solutions for city management.

Many of the teachers and researchers at the Technische Universität Berlin have longstanding experience as consultants to international and/or bi-lateral development organisations. Teaching also draws on experience gained by local governments, NGOs and the private sector.

The city of Berlin as a hub of learning in Central Europe: The city of Berlin has undergone far-reaching changes in the aftermath of the re-unification of the country. Through its location and history the German capital is a major hub for learning as well as economic and cultural development in Central and Eastern Europe.


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