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Student's Work

Construction and Demolition Waste in Kosovo. A case study in the municipalities of Pristina and Fushe Kosova


The 2018/19 Urban Management class carried out a case study project in Kosovo. In collaboration with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and the Municipalities of Pristina and Fushe Kosova, the students work focuses on real-life waste management issues, especially regarding Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW). The report assesses the current situation before developing an adequate alternative propose on how to deal with CDW which is based on several findings through research, interviews and discussions. It then gives incentives based on the gained knowledge and relates them to the legal framework of Kosovarian law.

Kosovo Report

Sustainable Models of Heritage Conservation and Revitalization: A Proposal for the Historic Villages of Vuno and Qeparo, Albania (2018)


This report, conducted by the 2016/17 Urban Management class in cooperation with the GIZ - Gesellschaft für Internationale  Zusammenarbeit, examines strategies of sustainable heritage conservation for the Albanian villages of Vuno and Qeparo.

Its aim is to stimulate and contribute to an emerging discussion in Albania regarding the development of creative, sustainable models for conserving the country’s rich cultural heritage and revitalizing village communities. The report falls bradly into two parts. Part one focuses on an elaboration of general principles of conservation in combination with a broad collection of concrete and successful international case studies, the aim being to inspire regional stakeholders to learn from elsewhere as they work to define local solutions. Part two offers, a proposal for the historic villages of Vuno and Qeparo, namely a Village Conservation Model based on the development of a Conservation Lab and dispersed Village Hotel offering a constructive starting point for the preservation of the villages of Albania’s southern coastal region.

Albania Report



Short Films - City Profiles Course

Urban Management students explore ways to apply the UN Sustainable Development Goals to their home cities by devising indicators and research methodologies in the City Profiles Course. These indicators assess urban issues such as: housing affordability, transportation emission rates and connectivity, inclusivity in the planning process, resilience to natural disasters, amount of green public space per capita, and waste management efficiency. This process allows for comparison and collaboration in improving sustainable development in cities worldwide.

Films on Youtube

Solid Waste Management in Kosovo. Assessment of a Waste Bank Model in Dardania, Pristina (2017)


The 2015/16 Urban Management class carried out a case study project in Kosovo. In collaboration with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, the University of Pristina and the Municipality of Pristina, the students worked on the assessment of a waste bank model in Dardania, Pristina. Eeight years after achieving independence, the country was confronted with a variety of challenges, the provision of such services as solid waste management being on of them.The report includes summaries of Kosovo’s development and the legal framework of the waste management sector, and focuses on the students' findings and proposals regarding public budget implications, waste data collection, management systems and more.


"Managing Urban Futures" Video (UM Alumni Conference, May 2016)

During the 1st Alumni Conference 'Managing Urban Futures' in May 2016, Urban Management students, working with teachers and alumni, produced a video of the program. In it they discussed pertinent challenges for urban management in light of the Habitat III conference ("The New Urban Agenda") and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Watch the video here.

"Resilient Cities. Urban Disaster Risk Management in Serbia" (2016)


The 2014/15 Urban Management class carried out a case study project in Serbia. In collaboration with the Municipality of Obrenovac, the GIZ project with Ambero Consulting and the University of Belgrade and students from their ‘Integrated Urbanism’ Masters program, the UM students worked on the urgent problems facing Serbia in the aftermath of the disastrous flooding events of May 2014. The report is based on extensive research and includes a SWOT analysis and conceptual ideas for the improvement of disaster risk management in Obrenovac.


"Al Buraimi Integrated Urban Development: A Strategic Approach Towards Resilience" (2015)


Five of our students wrote their Master's theses in the city of Al Buraimi,in the Sultanate of Oman. This research was initiated and strongly supported by the local authorities of Al Buraimi and led to the publication of a report on ‘Al Buraimi – Integrated Urban Development. A Strategic Approach towards Resilience’. The report was officially presented in Al Buraimi to Omani government representatives before an audience of more than 100 and the presentation was sponsored by H.E. Sultan al Habsi, Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Planning in Oman. Our counterparts in Oman were Ibrahim al Busaidi - Governor of al Buraimi, Mohammed Ali al Badi - Municiple Council member in Al Buraimi and Dr. Hamad al Gharibi. Dr. Sonja Nebel was head of the research team on the UM program side.


"Heritage and Catastrophe: Prevention, Emergency, Restoration and Transformation in 2009 L’Aquila Earthquake"


The 2013/14 Urban Management class carried out a case study project in L’Aquila, Italy. The study broaches the issue of post-disaster management and includes such topics as housing solutions and financial mechanisms, as well as citizen participation. (M.Arch. Renato D’Alençon Castrillón and M.Sc. Federico Rota)




"Dimensions of Urban Re-development - The Case of Beyoğlu, Istanbul" (2012/2013)


The 2012/13 Urban Management class carried out a case study project in Istanbul. The study included field work on public space, urban renewal, tourism and commuting dynamics in central Istanbul.(Prof. Dr. Gülden Erkut and M. Reza Shirazi)



"Emerging Towns and Municipalities in Nepal. Rapid Development Concepts" (2011/2012)


The 2011/12 Urban Management class carried out a case study project within the framework of the GIZ. The study explored participative planning processes aimed at developing comprehensive ideas including institutional, social, financial and spatial aspects relevant to the respective emerging towns.         (Dr. Josefine Fokdal and Gesa Schöneberg)



"Urban Regeneration of Hidden World Heritage in L'viv" (2010/2011)


The 2010/11 Urban Management class carried out a case study project within the framework of the GIZ program titled 'Municipal Development and Rehabilitation of the Old City of L'viv' in L'viv, Ukraine. The study included suggestions for physical interventions and strategies for improved governance in pilot areas of the old city center. (Carsten Zehner and Lukas Born)

"Improving Informal Areas in Greater Cairo" (2009/2010)


The 2009/2010 Urban Management class carried out a case study project within the framework of the 'Participation Development Program in Urban Areas' in Cairo, Egypt. The project included the development of appropriate intervention strategies for dealing with selected informal areas in Cairo. (Carsten Zehner and Josefine Fokdal)

"Improving Governance in Secondary Cities" (Bangladesh)

The 2008/2009 Urban Management class was given a special honor: From May 18 to June 7, 2009, twelve participants of the post-graduate Urban Management Master's Program were given the opportunity to work as young expert consultants for GIZ Bangladesh in the Second Urban Governance and Infrastructure Improvement Project (UGIIP-2). (Carsten Zehner and Astrid Ley)

You can find their report here.


Master's Thesis (selection)

Carlos Cruz, 2021.
Assisted Social Production of Housing in Mexico City´s Metropolitan Area - A model to promote inclusionary housing for low-income sectors.
Download PDF

Martin Cornejo, 2021.
Preserving historical centers without causing gentrification: Options to put an end to an old urban problem. Case Study - The historical center of Lima, Peru
Download PDF

Emilie Martin, 2020.
Taking a sustainability turn? Stakeholder perceptions on electrification of motorcycle taxis in Nairobi, Kenya
Download PDF

Ava Lynam, 2020.
Everyday Rural Urbanisation in Huangyan-Taizhou. Evolving socio-spatial configurations for dwelling at the urban-rural interface
Download PDF

Mohammad Arifuzzman, 2020.
Climate Change Vulnerability of the Urban Poor in Dhaka City:A Case Studyof the Korail Slum
Download PDF

Itzel Berenice Maria Magdalena Garcia Mejia, 2019.
Understanding the factors influencing active mobility of teenagers
through their school travel behavior in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

Download PDF

Emily Breslin, 2019.
Transportation System Efficiency in High SOV, High VMT Settings: Push-Pull Policy
Framework for Commuter Mobility-as-a-Service in the San Francisco Bay Area

Download PDF

James Schmitt, 2019.
Sarajevo Redux: Socio-Spatial Outcomes and the Perpetuation of Fragility in a Post-
Conflict City
Download PDF

Katherine Cashman, 2018.
Community Gardening in Mathare, Nairobi
Opportunities to Improve Food Security and the Right to the City
Download PDF

Efrosini Alexia Collazos Masanovic, 2018.
Does Space Produce Fear or Does Fear Produce Space?
Theories and practices on urban safety from a gender perspective. – The analysis of city experiences through the eyes of Nairobi women.
Download PDF

Daniela Bonilla Estrella, 2018.
Governance structures and urban-rural linkages in intermediate cities. Case Study: Cuenca-Ecuador
Download PDF

Marcelo Julião de Seixas, 2018.
Urban Revitalization and Sustainable Urban Mobility (SUM). An Analysis of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Framework Influence by Example of Porto Maravilha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Download PDF

Shankar Narayanan Iyer, 2018.
Integrating Active and Public Transportation Modes in Berlin: An evaluation research study to the Radbahn U1 project
Download PDF

Antonia Burchard-Levine, 2016.
Towards a Transit-Oriented Affordable Housing (TOAH) Strategy in Mexico City
Download PDF

Mariana Alejandra Enríquez Portillo, 2017.
The Effects of Voluntary Exclusion: Gated communities in Chihuahua, Mexico
Download PDF

Swapnil Rohidas Kangankar, 2017.
Prototypical Low-Impact Housing for Mumbai’s Expanding Middle-Income Group: Lessons from European Cohousing
Download PDF

Alokananda Nath, 2017.
Smart Cities Mission in India. Analyzing the implementation mechanism and its impact on urban governance.
Download PDF

Lea Nassif El Ksayer, 2017.
Can co-production partnerships lead to new forms of sustainable urban governance? Waste management under conditions of enduring political crisis in Beirut
Download PDF

Aline Peres dos Santos, 2016.                                                                           
Impacting Quality of Place: the Case of Self-organised Initiatives in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Download PDF

Adele Catherine Vosper, 2016.                                                                            
Using Walkability to Support Healthy Aging
Download PDF

Evandro Davi Holz, 2016.                                                                             
Towards a Self-Managed (Urban) Resilience - A Case Study in Social Housing                                     
Download PDF

Shane Newman O’ Hanlon, 2016.                                                                    
‘Local empowerment’ as a strategic response to climate change: Is the UK community energy strategy an elitist solution?                                   
Download PDF

Daniela Roque Montes, 2015                                                                             
Car Dependece Factors in Mid-sized Cities. The Case Study of Ensenada, Mexico                                                                                                           Download PDF

Lukas Terrence Hoye, 2015.                                                                                 
The transitional urban spaces of a post-apartheid South Africa. Existing practices to ameliorate safety and an investigation on current crime patterns and perceptions of safety in the Pretoria CBD.                                
Download PDF

Blanca Villar Mateo, 2014                                                                      
Community Based Development and Urban Conservation in Kathmandu Valley of Nepal: Learning from Conservation and Development Program in Madhyapur Thimi
Download PDF

Alejandro Martin Rodriguez, 2014.
Landscapes of Homogeneity?
Experiencing the Gated Suburbia in Istanbul and Buenos Aires

Download PDF

Serin Geambazu, 2014.
Dimensions of Urban Waterfront Regeneration:
Case study of Halic/The Golden Horn. An assessment of obstacles and opportunities for inclusiveness.

Download PDF

Ana Luisa de Moraes Azenha, 2014.
Governance in Public Services in Brazil and the June Events Case Study: São Paulo Transportation System.
Download PDF

Guilherme Klaussner, 2014.
Assessing Urban Environmental Justice in Two Subprefectures of São Paulo, Brazil – a GIS-based synoptic analysis.
Download PDF

Aline Delatte, 2013.
Urban Development on a Participatory Democracy Basis. How to Actively Involve Citizens as Local Experts and Partners in Urban Governance. The Urban Renewal Program Aktives Stadtzentrum Turmstraße, Berlin.           
Download PDF

Maria del Pilar Ospina, 2013.
Formal and Informal Planning Strategies Encouraging Private Developers to Realize Inclusive, Mixed-use Housing Projects: Urban renewal in Berlin’s post-industrial waterfront Spree area.
Download PDF

Ana Maria Buriticá Alzate, 2013.
Social Housing Macro Projects and Local Capacity: The Case of Ciudad Verde in Soacha, Colombia
Download PDF

Gloria Gaviria Sanchez, 2013.
Integrating and Implementing Urban Agriculture in Public Space into Land Use Planning; Sustainable Assessment, Cape Town, South Africa
Download PDF

Gunawan Sudiyono, 2013.
Learning from the Management and Development of Current Self-organized and Community-oriented Cohousing projects in Berlin: making recommendations for the IBA Berlin 2020
Download PDF

Nancy J. Cole, 2013.
Getting to Zero Waste in the City. The Case of Oakland, California
Download PDF

Shaikh Muhammad Mehedi Ahsan, 2013.
Resilient Cities for the Poor or by the Poor? A Case Study from Bangkok.
Download PDF

Laura Bright-­Davies, 2013.
Urban Environmental Sanitation in Nepal. An assessment of community-scale, decentralised wastewater management in Nepal, and the potential for a community-­led urban environmental sanitation approach in Tansen.
Download PDF

Samuel F. Soloman, 2013.
Good Governance and Sustainability in Residential Land Administration in
Muscat, Oman
. Toward Institutional Reform and Basic Monitoring.
Download PDF

Wentong Zhu, 2013.
On the Spatial Complexity of the Contemporary Chinese Cities:
Theories, Situation, Application.

Download PDF

Anissa S. Febrina, 2009.
Actors and Technology in the Shaping of Urban Transport Network in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Download PDF

Xiaodong Jia, 2009.
Reduced Greenhouse Gases Emission and Improved Governance in China's National Biogas-Household Program. Case Study of Datong Municipality, Shanxi Province.
Download PDF

Adriana Barbosa Dantas, 2008.
Brownfield Redevelopment in Rio de Janeiro. Housing vs. Public Participation in the Manguinhos Area.
Download PDF

Selamawit Alem, 2007.
New Partners for Local Government in Service Delivery: Solid Waste Management in Addis Ababa.
Download PDF

Mohammad Hamidul Islam Chowdhury, 2007.
Solid Waste Service Delivery for Slum Areas Through Strenghtening Partnership Between Local Government and NGOs. An analysis of the existing public-private partnership between Dhaka City Corporation and Non-Governmental Organizations towards inclusion of slum dwellers.
Download PDF

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