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Program coordinator: Bettina Hamann

Dr. Ing. Landscape Planning (TU Berlin)

Dipl. Ing. Landscape Ecology and Landscape Planning, University for Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria and University of Manchester, Great Britain.

Dr. Ing. Landscape Planning, TU Berlin: PhD Thesis in cooperation with Xinjiang Institute for Environmental Protection, China.

She has worked for the Institute for Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning, TU Berlin, since 2000, and for the Institute for Architecture, TU Berlin, since 2003.

Coordinator of the ‘Urban Management Program’ since 2005.

Field of work: Conception, organization and management of training programs for foreign experts in the field of urban planning and environmental protection.


Office manager: Claudia Matthews

Office manager for the Urban Management Master’s course since September 2011.

She worked for several years as a nurse in south Germany and Berlin, before deciding to switch her careers and become an office manager. Her first four years in her new role were spent in an architecture firm. She then moved to the Urban Management Master’s course.


Student assistants

Currently there are three student assistants on the Urban Management Master's course.

(student, B.Sc. Ecology and Environmental Planning)

(student, M.A. Historical urban studies)

(student, M.Sc. Urban and Regional Planning)

(student, B.Sc. Landscape Architecture)


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